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Unique colors

Everybody has his own style, own taste and own coolness. It is not up to us to determine what you fancy, what looks good on you. As a Dutch producer of erotic toys, we simply and only want to provide a sound range of products to you.

Every style goes with a colour, another design, another colour combination. In order to ensure that everybody can get his/her own erotic toy, unique and in the exact right colour, Ylva & Dite offers a vast array of products.


Do you prefer a combination of colours, do you like gold, chestnut brown or metallic green? Regardless your love for colours, we can provide you. View the broad range of Ylva & Dite, choose your style, choose your colour.


Our promise is that your erotic toy is yours, your colour, made for you only, for your pleasure. #unleashyourinnerbeast.