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Privacy and cookie statement Ylva

Last modified on: 11 December 2018

Your privacy is essential to Ylva B.V. (hereafter: Ylva). Therefore, we adhere to the relevant laws and regulations regarding privacy, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This means that we:

  • Clearly establish our purposes before we process any of your personal details. We do this by means of this privacy policy.
  • Store as few personal details as possible and only store the details required for legitimate purposes.
  • Explicitly ask for permission to process your personal details, should permission be required.
  • Take the necessary security measures to protect your personal details. We also impose these obligations upon parties that perform the processing of personal details on our behalf.
  • Respect your rights, such as the right of access, correction or removal of your personal details that we processed.

Your details are safe with us and we will always use them adequately. In this privacy policy, we explain what we do at the website with information we learn from you.

If you have any questions or wish to know which details we keep exactly, please contact us.

Processing personal details

By making use of our web shop, we obtain different types of personal details from you. Per objective it is indicated which details we obtain from you, what the purposes and reasons are and which retention period is applicable. 

We make use of the following details for the objectives mentioned in this privacy policy (handling orders, sending newsletter and contact):

  • name and address details
  • company details
  • telephone number (fixed and/or mobile)
  • email address
  • invoice address
  • delivery address
  • payment details
  • order history
  • IP-address
  • session ID in cookies
  • other personal details provided by you as content of a message


You can choose to create an account on our website. To do this, you will use your email address and a password selected by you. After registration, we keep the personal details you provided in your account. We will keep these details so you do not need to fill them in again every time, so we can contact you as part of the performance of the agreement, invoicing and payment and to be able to provide an overview of the products you ordered from us.

This concerns the following personal details: 

  • login details
  • name and address details
  • company details
  • contact details
  • order history
  • payment details
  • invoice details
  • delivery details

We will keep your personal details until you terminate your account. Some of the details will be kept longer if we have a legal obligation to do so (e.g. the fiscal retention obligation).

Placing and handling an order

If you place an order on our website, you will leave certain details. These could be personal details. We will only keep and use the personal details provided by you directly, as part of the agreement you enter into with us. For this purpose, we process the following personal details:

  • Name and address details
  • company details
  • contact details (such as email address and telephone number)
  • invoice address
  • delivery address
  • payment details

We need these details as part of the contract that we conclude with you. We will keep this information until your order has been completed. Some of the details we will keep longer, if there is a legal obligation to do so (e.g. in accordance with fiscal retention obligation).


We offer different possibilities to contact us, on the website. This can be done by telephone, but also via email or via the contact form.

 When you contact us, we will be processing the following details:

  • Name and address details
  • company details
  • contact details (such as email address and telephone number)
  • possible order- or product details
  • other personal details provided by you as content of a message

We need these details to contact you, since you asked us to deal with your enquiry. We will keep this information until we are certain that you are satisfied about out response and three months afterwards. As such, in case of subsequent questions, we can easily access the information. This is also used to train our customer service to perform even better.


We will be sending a digital newsletter (weekly/monthly) that you can sign up for. The newsletter will contain offers, tips and information about our products and services. When signing up for the newsletter, we will be using your email address. This will be done on the basis of your permission. We will keep this information until you unsubscribe for the newsletter. Every newsletter will contain a link for unsubscribing.

Disclosure to third parties

We may pass on your details to our partners. We will only issue your personal details to other companies or bodies if this is required for the implementation of the agreement (e.g. delivery of the order), after you have given us permission to do so, in case of legitimate interest (such as a direct marketing interest), or if we are legally obliged to do so (e.g. if demanded by the police in connection with suspicion of crime). 

We collaborate with certain companies. These parties will be processing your details on our behalf, while we determine the purposes. They are merely the processors. We collaborate with the following parties:

  • external ICT-service providers
  • postal services
  • payment service providers
  • the parties that supply cookies (see below)

On our website, we make use of cookies. Cookies are small files that we can store information in, to save you needing to enter this again and again. But they also allow us to see you are visiting our website again. When visiting our website for the first time, we show a notification with an explanation about cookies. Here, we will ask for your approval for the use of these cookies.

Which cookies do we place?

We make use of functional cookies, that enable the functionalities of the website (technical or functional cookies), as well as cookies that originate from third parties, for analytical purposes, to analyse the use of the website and improve it on the basis thereof (analytical cookies).

Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure that certain parts of the website function properly and that your user preferences are retained. Cookies are used, for instance, to be able to remember your operating session on the webserver, so you can view the website while your basket remains filled. The information is stored on the basis of a “session ID”.

These are all functionalities that would not work without these cookies.

Cookies originating from third parties

In addition to the functional cookies, there are also cookies that are not placed or read by us, but by third parties, engaged by us, who offer different types of functionalities on the websites.


Google Analytics

We make use of Google cookies to document the way in which our website is used by visitors. We have concluded a processor agreement with Google. This contains strict agreements regarding which information is allowed to be kept. We have not allowed Google to use the acquired analytics information for other Google services. We have Google anonymise the IP-addresses. For more information, please refer to the Google privacy policy.

The cookies will be automatically removed from your device after 2 years. The details from the cookies are processed by us up to 1 year afterwards at the latest.



The company Hotjar also places cookies. We make use of these cookies to receive reports regarding how our website is being used and the pages that are navigated to on our website. These cookies are being used to gain better insight in the use of our website and thus we can optimise and adjust the website to the preferences of our visitors.

Information gathered by Hotjar will be anonymised as much as possible. Your IP-address is explicitly not included. In addition, for the processing of your personal details we have entered into a processor agreement with Hotjar. Hotjar’s privacy policy states what they will be doing with your (personal) details that they process via these cookies.

The cookies are automatically removed from your device after 2 years. The details from the cookies may be processed up to 1 year afterwards at the latest.


Social media buttons

On our website we make use of social media buttons which refer you to the social media platforms. As such, you have the option to follow us and share the content within the network. The buttons are functional, due to the pieces of code that originate from the social media networks. We cannot influence this, which is why we wish to refer to the relevant privacy policies:

Activation and deactivation of cookies

In your browser you can create a setting that means that the storage of cookies will only be accepted after your consent. For more information, please consult the manual of your web browser.

Please note: many webpages do not function optimally if cookies have been disabled.

Removing cookies

Most cookies have an expiry date. That means that after a certain period they automatically expire and no longer register any details of your website visits. You can also choose to manually remove the cookies before the expiry date passes. For more information about this, please consult the manual of your web browser.


Protection of your personal details is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that your details are well protected with us. We continuously adapt the security and pay attention to what might go wrong.

Your rights

If you have any questions or wish to know which personal details we have of you, you can always contact us. The contact details are at the bottom of this document.


You have the following rights:

  • Right to access: you have the right to access the personal details of you that we process.
  • Right of rectification: you have the right to correct or supplement the personal details of you that we process, if these are incorrect or incomplete.
  • Right of objection: you are entitled to object against the processing of your personal details and against direct marketing.
  • Right of removal: you can request us to remove your personal details.
  • Right to withdraw your permission.
  • Right to transferability of details: if technically possible, you are entitled to have the personal details of you, that we process, transferred to a third party.
  • Right to restriction of the processing: in some cases you can ask us to restrict the processing of your personal details (whether temporarily or not), which means that we will process fewer details of you.

Upon your request we can ask you to identify yourself, by sending along a copy of a valid identity document, to make sure that you are the person who the details belong to. In this instance, it is important that you cover your BSN (NHS number) and photograph.

In principle, we will fulfil your request within 30 days. This term could be extended however, for reasons in connection with the specific rights of those involved or the complexity of the request. If this term is to be extended, we will timely inform you of this.

Websites of third parties

This privacy and cookie statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to this website by means of links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties deal with your personal details in a reliable or safe manner. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of these websites before making use of them..

Changes in this privacy policy

In case our website changes, we also need to adjust the privacy policy. Therefore, always pay attention to the date above and regularly check for new versions.

Filing a complaint

If you feel that we do not assist in a proper way, then you have the right to file a complaint to the compliance officer, called: Personal Details Authority.


For all questions regarding our privacy  and cookie statement or questions about your rights, you can contact us via details below, at any time:


Ylva B.V.

Nieuwhuisweg 11

5804 AN Venray 

Telephone: 085-7828186 

Email address: