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Placing an order

1. Navigating

The ordering of products from Ylva & Dite is done discretely and entirely online. Go to to find the product that perfectly fits you, as a customer. By navigating on the website or by making use of the search tool, you can find your desired products. Ylva & Dite is known for its broad range, for which reason we recommend every consumer to make use of the filters. The filters will help you to easily make a choice.


2. Ordering a product

After navigating on the website has helped you to find your ideal product, it is easy to order. Each product has its own product page where all the information regarding the product is provided. In addition to all the information, there is an opportunity to place the product in the trolley. By placing the product in the trolley, you have completed the first step of the ordering process. It is also possible to place your product in the trolley by clicking on the trolley when hovering over a product.

3. Trolley

The trolley can be found in the top right of the screen. The trolley contains all the products you wish to have settled. When pressing on the trolley, you can pay directly and see the products that were placed in the trolley. At this point you still have the opportunity that make amendments and add or remove products.

4. Paying

As soon as you have place all desired items in the trolley, you proceed to the payment screen. Here, you are to fill in all the required details for us to guarantee that your package will be neatly delivered on time and to the right person. After filling in your details, you can choose between different payment methods. Select the desired payment method here. As soon as you have filled in all the required details, you can once again go through the general conditions and tick the box for approval. When clicking on ‘make payment’, you will be taken to a secured environment where you can make your payment via the payment method chosen.

After entering the details and the approval, you will be directed back to the Ylva & Dite website and we will have officially received your order. 

Now all you have to do is wait for a few days until a friendly deliverer comes to your door to deliver the package.


5. The agreement

As soon as you, as a customer, complete the order by clicking on ‘make payment’ and go through the desired payment method, you have concluded an agreement with us. After conclusion of the agreement mentioned, you can find the relevant details in your account environment. In case you made an order without using an account, it is possible to create an account with the email address you previously used. The system will link your details enabling you to view your agreement.