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Handmade in Holland 

We, at Ylva & Dite, believe in fair products. When looking at the ‘sex toys’ in the market, we immediately notice that many of the products in this market are developed under rather poor conditions. In addition to the working conditions, materials and raw materials are being used that raise questions from us, regarding safety and compound. 

When it comes to products that are used ‘intimately’, one should be certain that they assure 100% quality and a certain standard.

Ylva & Dite took the step to develop all products in-house, handmade, in the Netherlands. Since every product has been created handmade, Ylva & Dite manages to introduce unique toys to the market, that are reliable, unique, sexy and most of all, feel good.

Due to the ‘handmade’ character, each product has its own look and you can be convinced that there is only one toy in this beautiful world, that looks like yours.

Feel the precision & enjoy the refinement in our products. Ylva & Dite, Unleash your inner beast.